Sinn Féin leader assumes his phone is being tapped

Deputy Adams was responding to comments from Catherine Murphy that she used burner phones during IBRC scandal

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The Sinn Féín leader says he operates on the assumption that his phone is always being tapped.

Gerry Adams was responding to comments from Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy, who says she was warned about phone-tapping at the height of the IBRC scandal.

The TD says she and an assistant resorted to using so-called 'burner' phones to speak to contacts giving them information about the State-owned bank.

Gerry Adams says the IBRC inquiry still hasn't given enough answers - and believes his own phone is also under surveillance:

"Well I haven't had to do it, but I just work on the basis that my phone is tapped."

When asked by a reporter why he assumes his phone is tapped, he replied: "Because that is the way the system works"

He continued: "More importantly, I think, this IBRC business hasn't been concluded in a way that you, me, other citizens, the information that they deserve."