Shia LaBeouf marries long-term girlfriend in Las Vegas ceremony... probably

The eccentric actor has a long history of performance art stunts leading many to believe this is just another one

Shia LaBeouf marries long-term girlfriend in Las Vegas ceremony... probably


Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf has been no stranger to peculiar behaviour during his career; starting off as a child star on a Disney Channel sitcom, the actor’s path has seen him headline summer blockbusters, succumb to alcoholic benders, getting matching Missy Elliott tattoos on his legs, and even watch every one of his movies back to back in the name of performance art. And now in true LaBeouf style, the actor has tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend Mia Goth, live streaming the whole thing from Las Vegas.

Whether or not the whole thing was the couple’s first steps into matrimonial harmony or meta-commentary on the nature of Las Vegas’s 24-hour wedding culture is unclear, but gossip merchants TMZ followed the whole shebang from start to finish. According to TMZ, LaBeouf and Goth got hitched in the famous Viva Las Vegas Chapel, with the pair opting for an Elvis Presley-themed celebration of their nuptials.

Goth and LaBeouf reportedly selected the $700 Elvis Blue Hawaii package, which included three Elvic songs performed by their impersonating officiant, one hula dancer, a six-rose bouquet for the bride and a matching boutonnière for the groom.

While the happy couple comes across as genuinely happy during their wedding, with LaBeouf reportedly breaking down in tears in the chapel, other showbiz publications in the US, such as E!, are suggesting that this is just another media-baiting stunt performed as part of his LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner art collective. Recent performances by the group include hitchhiking across the United States accepting lifts from fans following their progress on a GPS app, the actor’s infamous motivational video that became a viral sensation, and his #IAMSORRY installation, where the actor sat in silence in a room and allowed members of the public to do whatever they wanted to him.

The actor alleges that a female audience member to the #IAMSORRY exhibition whipped him for 10 minutes before sexually assaulting him. 

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