Donald Trump struggles to stay on script as he announces Mike Pence as running mate

Elizabeth Warren stated both men were "insecure and weak" after the announcement

Donald Trump, Mike Pence,

Image: Mary Altaffer / AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump took to a stage in New York on Saturday to formally introduce Mike Pence as his running mate for November's presidential elections. 

In a long speech which covered many of the events which have made headlines in world news across the week, Trump turned his attention to the attacks in Nice, stating that "we've witnessed horror beyond belief," and adding that "I want to express our unyielding support for the people of France."

Following the attempted coup in Turkey, Trump also expressed his concern over the situation, saying he has "so many friends in Turkey. Great people, amazing people. We wish them well. It looks like they are resolving the issue. We wish them well. A lot of anguish last night."

Trump also opined that "the Middle East is more unstable than ever before, never been like this - out of control," adding that "Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons."

Turning to his running mate, Trump stated that Pence was his first choice, and will be "my partner in this campaign and the White House, to fix our rigged system. We are in a rigged, rigged system," and added that "he is going to fight for you. He is a solid, solid person."

Pence, who previously backed Ted Cruz and was critical of Trump's call for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, has switched his position and called on all Americans to "come together as a party and a people and a movement, to make America great again." 

Hillary Clinton

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee also spoke about his opponent in November's election, Hillary Clinton, in the wake of the decision by the FBI not to recommend charges be brought against her. 

Claiming that she "got away with murder," Trump said that "she is the embodiment of corruption. She is a corrupt person. She is bought and paid for by Wall Street, the special interests the lobbyists. She’s crooked Hillary.”

The announcement of the vice-presidential candidate comes just days before the Republican National Convention, which starts on July 18th.

Speakers at the event will include Trump and Pence, as well as Ted Cruz and a number of figures from the world of sports and entertainment, including UFC President Dana White and soap opera actress Kimberlin Brown.

Reacting to the announcement, Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that the pair were a perfect match, as they were both insecure and weak.