Second election would be a "farcical waste of money" - David Norris

In a statement, Senator Norris says, "to quote Laurel and Hardy – another fine mess they’ve got us into"

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Senator David Norris says that another election would be a 'farcical waste of money'.

The Independent Senator says that no voter goes into the election booth deciding "to vote for a hung Dáil", criticising leaders for refusing to enter discussions on a 'realistic' coalition.

He argues that another vote would suit the parties that are funded by the taxpayer, but would be very hard for independent candidates who fund their campaigns themselves.

In a statement, Senator Norris says, "all of this of course comes in the middle of the 1916 “celebrations”. What exactly are we celebrating?

"A country bankrupted to the tune of 200 billion Euros, food kitchens all over the island, evictions everywhere and the people permanently financially enslaved to pay off the gambling debts of the German and French banks... All of this coupled with the ever present danger that the marginal gains brought about by the suffering of the Irish people over the last decade will be endangered by political uncertainty," he adds.

There remains the prospect of a second vote unless Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil can reach a deal to form a coalition, or unless either party manages to form a minority government.

The Dáil was adjourned last week until the 22nd of March, when there will be an update on talks to form a Government and statements on a number of issues.

An opinion poll at the weekend indicated there would be no significant gains for either Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil in the event of a second election.