Scottish Amazon employees living in tents to save money

A number of tents were spotted near a fulfilment centre in Fife

Scottish Amazon employees living in tents to save money

Image: Steve Brown

Amazon has transformed the way we shop but the service has never been far from controversy, with many allegations made by past and present employees. 

The latest story to surface, however, is both shocking and worrying. Dundee based news site, The Courier, is reporting that staff of the Fife-based fulfilment plant have been sleeping near the warehouse to save money.  

"At least three" tents were reportedly spotted in a forest near a fulfilment centre in Fife, Scotland, with one employee telling The Courier that they slept in a tent because it was cheaper than commuting every day.

Employees of Amazon's warehouse start on less than the national living wage, which is £8.45 an hour outside of London. They also face strict monitoring whilst working, to ensure they hit targets. The company issued the following statement to The Courier. 

"Amazon provides a safe and positive workplace. The safety and wellbeing of our permanent and temporary associates is our number one priority. We are also proud to have been able to create several thousand new permanent roles in our UK fulfilment centres over the last five years. We pay competitive wages — all permanent and temporary Amazon associates start on £7.35 an hour or above regardless of age and £11 an hour and above for overtime."

The minimum wage is currently £7.20 an hour for over-25-year-olds, and will rise to £7.50 in 2017.