Are teachers showing movies to kids in class to keep them quiet?

George Hook investigated the idea that teachers are still relying on videos in the classroom.

On High Noon on Thursday, George Hook investigated whether kids are being shown videos in the classroom in order to keep them quiet.

A listener, Brid, who is a parent, dropped George a note conveying her concern at just how prevalent she believes it is. From her experience, teachers show kids movies and videos on regular occasions in order to keep them quiet.

"I'm not talking about those teachers who do it as part of a well structured lesson plan, or who do it at Christmas, or just before the holidays.  I'm talking about those who do it to simply keep the kids quiet"

She says many are just trying to fill in time during the day.

Listen to her story below.

And have a listen below for some of your reaction, as George took listeners' calls on the issue.