Sarah Michelle Gellar will return for "Cruel Intentions" TV show

The show will continue with the story set out by the 1999 hit movie

Back in 1999, Cruel Intentions was released and instantaneously became a campy cult classic.

A loose remake of Dangerous Liaisons, the Sarah Michelle Gellar / Ryan Phillipe / Reece Witherspoon sexually charged thriller went on to win such weighty awards as MTV's Best Kiss and Teen Choice Award's Best Sleazebag, it became something of a modest box office success, making back over seven times it's budget.

Two direct-to-DVD sequels followed in 2000 and 2004 starring nobody you've ever heard of, the careers of Gellar and Phillipe rose and promptly fell, and Witherspoon went on to win on Oscar.

Today it's been announced that Gellar will return for the role of Kathryn Merteuil for the pilot of the TV series which will take place 15 years after the original movie. Writer and director Roger Kumble has also returned - he previously directed Ryan Reynolds comedy Just Friends before directing random episodes for dozens of different TV shows - and it tells the story of the son of Ryan Phillipe and Reece Witherspoon's characters, who discovers he is about to come into a lot of money following the death of his parents.

Hearing about this potential lucrative windfall, Kathryn begins to pursue the young man and get into his life by any means neccessary.

Gellar took to Instagram to celebrate the announcement.

No word of an air-date yet, but it will be broadcast on NBC in the States once filming has completed.