Sally the Turtle needs a new flipper

Can you help fit her with a prosthesis?

Sally the Loggerhead turtle is looking for a new flipper after a shark attack left her swimming in circles in Irish waters.

Loggerhead turtles usually reside in warmer waters, so Sally is lucky to be alive, having spent so long in the cold Atlantic.

The 20 year old hard shell is being looked after Dingle Ocean World, and its director, Kevin Flannery, is hoping that someone out there might be able to fashion an artificial flipper for her

Speaking to Sean Moncrieff, Kevin said after getting veterinary analysis done the other day, they hope someone can help with a prosthetic fin.  

“They say that they can put prosthetic limbs on dogs and they have done it on dolphins, and we have put out the suggestion to one of the Institute of Technology’s or somebody to come up for a fin for one of the vet colleges to attach to (Sally), and give her a fighting chance to swim in a straight line to maybe get her back to the Canaries.”

Loggerhead turtles who stray from their normal path and find themselves in the freezing cold waters surrounding Ireland are usually helped to get back on track by the Naval service, who would take strays on board and release them on their way to humanitarian efforts in Libya.

If you think that you can help fit Sally with a prosthesis, please get in touch with the show and we will put you in touch with Kevin and Sally!