Ryanair's 'grace period' could save you money

How to change your booking without a penalty fee

Michael O'Leary's low-fares airline has been criticised in the past for being too harsh and issuing penalties to customers. The company has been going for a "softer" image in recent times, and one feature of their website could actually save you money.

This is a little tip I picked up over the weekend after I booked flights for a summer holiday on Saturday morning but realised after five minutes that I had selected the wrong dates. I followed the steps on Ryanair.com to change my dates and was charged €80 to move both my outbound and inbound flights. I took to Twitter to air my stupidity when this happened:

I instantly looked into this and found the following text on Ryanair's website.

This clearly states that if you realise you've made an error in your booking you have 24 hours to amend it, without facing a fee. 

I was confused as I had corrected my error within minutes, but was still charged. I started an online chat with a customer service agent, provided my confirmation number and other identification. Within seven minutes, I had received confirmation that the €80 was charged in error and the money was returned onto my card. 


The bottom line is, if you make an error with your booking on the Ryanair website, use the online chat facility to make the change and ensure you avoid a fee. Find more information here.

This article was originally published on February 20th