Ryanair pilots set to back some form of industrial action

The union may opt for stoppages instead of all-out strikes

Ryanair pilots set to back some form of industrial action

Pictured is Ryanair headquarters in Dublin | Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie

Ryanair pilots could be set to back industrial action as early as next week.

Thousands of holiday plans could be put in jeopardy if the airline’s staff based in Dublin opt to support a strike.

The results of a ballot on the action are due to be revealed later today.

The pilots are expected to back some form of action – however, Newstalk’s business correspondent Vincent Wall said the airline may not be facing an all-out strike.

“If the ballot comes out in favour of industrial action, I think the union will have a difficult call to make,” he said.

“They won’t necessarily garner a huge amount of public support, I would have thought, in calling a strike at the height of the holiday period for issues such as more favourable treatment for senior staff.

“So they may go for a more gradual approach perhaps of stoppages rather than the full strike.”


The Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA) gave its pilots until early July to vote on the issue.

The union is calling for a master list on pilot seniority to be drawn up which would be used as basis for the distribution of entitlements like promotions, transfers and annual leave during school holidays.

Ryanair finally agreed to recognise employee trade unions in a major policy u-turn at the end of last year.

The move was enough to prevent pre-Christmas strikes, however unions have been in talks with the airline ever since – and have warned that the airline is not taking them or their demands seriously.

Cabin crew

Separately the International Transport Workers Federation will meet in Dublin over the next two days to draw up a list of demands.

The summit will see cabin crew members from across Europe meeting in the city.

The cabin crew staff have also warned of potential industrial action if their concerns are not addressed.