Ryanair is looking for brilliant tech brains to work with them

Do you have what it takes to #PitchRyanair?

Ryanair has transformed the airline industry in Europe. Their model is simple; they offer low-fare air travel. In the past, however, they have struggled with their digital and online work. 

In the last number of years, the company has invested in developing a new mobile app and a redesigned website for customers. Now they are looking to find some of Ireland's brightest new tech minds to work with them. 

John Hurley, Ryanair's Chief Technology Officer and head of Ryanair Labs joined Pat Kenny in the Newstalk studio this morning to discuss what exactly they're looking for. 

"We're looking for ideas that we haven't thought of ourselves. In Ryanair, you're either making us money or saving us money."

Those who think they have what it takes can pitch to Ryanair as part of FutureScope, which takes place on May 10th at Dublin's Convention Centre. Hurley outlined the benefits of doing so. 

"Ideas are easy. Everybody has them. Converting those ideas into a product takes effort and hard work, which is achievable. But getting those products into the marketplace is near impossible unless you have a huge fund behind you. What Ryanair can offer is a platform on the busiest website in the world. We can offer you a channel to market."

"I often joke that AirBnB was an overnight success in seven years. If they had Ryanair's platform, it would have been a success from day one," he continued. "We're looking to find those type of ideas and partner with people to take it from there."

Ryanair wants their website to be the one-stop-shop for all of your travel needs. Hurley has a clear idea of what that will look like. 

"Your journey will go like this – wake up, check in with Ryanair app, take a taxi or bus – all booked and arranged for you through the same app. When you get to the airport your priority boarding access is sorted, you’re told where to go and when to go – within the airport. Then you arrive and the same app does it all for you – books the hotel, the tour, the golf course, all through one service.

"On the way home – this app will be able to tell you how much milk is in the fridge, if you need sambos for the kids’ school for tomorrow, and the app can then order what you need on your way home. It’s with you all the way – all through the phone."

This is something to company aspires to have completed within two or three years.

If you have an idea that you want to pitch to the company, tweet #PitchRyanair and you could be selected to take part in the competition at FutureScope on May 10th.