Runaway girl (7) boards plane without a ticket

Authorities say the girl blended into the crowd in Geneva

Runaway girl (7) boards plane without a ticket

Image: Facebook/Genève Aéroport

Authorities in Switzerland are investigating after a seven-year-old girl boarded a plane in Geneva.

Geneva Airport says the girl got away from her parents at Cornavin train station on Sunday October 29th and made her way to the airport.

After having gone as far as possible in the public area, she passed through security checks not having presented a ticket.

The airport says she "took advantage of her small size" to dodge the ticket office in the departure lounge.

A statement says the girl "always managed to make [...] believe that she was with the adults who preceded her or those who followed her".

She then went on to board an Easyjet flight destined for Corsica.

However the airport says at that stage, management had become aware of the child.

During boarding, the girl tried on several occasions to blend in with the crowd.

The first time, she was turned away while trying to follow crew and got away by merging into the crowd, pretending to join her parents.

A second time she managed to sneak into a passage that was small enough for her to fit in.

She was discovered on the plane before it took off and handed over to police, and then to her parents.

Geneva Airport says the incident is "regrettable", but that it has implemented measures so that such an event cannot happen again.