Union warns thousands will lose their jobs if Irish Water is wound up

Right2Water's Brendan Ogle says he has "no doubt" water charges will be scrapped

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Water protesters stand by as they disrupt the installation of the water meteres by Irish Water crews in the Rialto area of Dublin | Image: RollingNews.ie

Union bosses at Irish Water are warning that thousands of people will lose their jobs if it is wound up.

There is continued speculation that the new government may abolish the utility, but internal estimates claim they could cost the taxpayer around €7bn.

It includes around €100m in payouts to staff who could not be transferred elsewhere.

The cost has been questioned by anti-water charge protesters, who say the closure would save money in the long term.

Secretary of the Irish Water Group of Unions, Adrian Kane, told the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk that workers do not have other jobs to go to.

While the Right2Water group say the results of the general election mean that Irish Water is dead.

The movement claims that 99 TDs who have been elected to the Dáil are against the water charges.

Yesterday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said some contribution to pay for water is a fundamental issue for Fine Gael.

Coordinator of the Right to Water movement Brendan Ogle says he will not be paying any Irish water bills.

He also believes water charges are the reason the outgoing Labour and Fine Geal government was not been re-elected.

While David Gibney from Right2Water told Newstalk Breakfast they have an alternative plan to the controversial utility.