Research finds 75% of Irish parents brag about their child's job

The data coincides with Bring In Your Parents Day for workplaces

Research finds 75% of Irish parents brag about their child's job

Image: LinkedIn

New research shows that Irish parents are exceptionally proud of their adult children and are not shy about it.

Research from LinkedIn, released on the company's Bring In Your Parents Day, has revealed 75% of parents surveyed (aged 55+ with children) admit they have bragged about their child's achievements.

But despite being extremely proud of their children, less than one in three parents (30%) would actually like to do their child's job.

The initiative was first successfully piloted at the company's Dublin headquarters in 2013, before being rolled out across the world.

Bring In Your Parents Day aims to help parents understand what their kids do for a living - and is also a way to say thanks to parents for the support they have given.

Although Irish parents are happy to boast their children’s accomplishments, there is still a degree of confusion about what their child actually does for a living.

Digital professions rank among the least understood jobs, with parents left wondering what UI designers, data scientists and social media managers do for a living.

Better opportunities

Corporate jargon that children use to describe their work was most confusing aspect for parents - who did not fully understand their child's line of work - with 53% of Irish mothers and fathers admitting that the buzzwords their kids used left them puzzled.

The research also showed that Irish parents believe the modern workforce has far better opportunities than their generation.

Some 57% of Irish parents believe that their children earn more money than they did at the current stage of their careers, with almost a third (31%) stating that their child had been promoted faster than they were at the same age.

Images: Parents and employees at LinkedIn's Dublin HQ

Approximately four in 10 Irish parents (38%) also said that they believe that their children were on track to be more successful than they were over the course of their careers.

Changes in attitudes to women in the workforce was also clearly highlighted in the research, with 59% of parents of daughters believing that their child has more opportunities to progress faster in today’s office environment.

Senior HR director for LinkedIn EMEA, Wendy Murphy, said: "Irish parents are exceptionally proud of what their children have achieved in their professional lives and Bring In Your Parents Day is a simple way for us to say thank you to mums and dads across the country for all the help they have given us.

"What started as a one-off day in our international headquarters in Dublin has grown in popularity so quickly that we now have thousands of people in numerous companies taking part across the globe today."