Fine Gael TD thanks Fianna Fáil 'in a perverse way' for dealing with water charges

It was confirmed yesterday the charges will be suspended

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Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty | Image:

A Fine Gael TD says she is thankful to Fianna Fáil for dealing with the water issue.

Regina Doherty says she and her party "whole-heartedly" still believe in water charges.

"In a perverse kind of a way, I'm grateful to Fianna Fáil for what they've done - because they have helped deal with the politics of this issue", she told Newstalk Breakfast.

"If we didn't deal with the politics of this issue, the motion would come from either Sinn Féin or the AAA next week and water charges would be gone and Irish Water would be gone - and everything that we've done for the last number of years would have been for a complete waste".

Her comments come after Fianna Fáil criticised comments from the acting Health Minister Leo Varadkar yesterday, confirming water charges will be suspended.

But she says this new approach to the charges means they can "convince people and bring them with us, instead of dragging them with us".

"I don't agree...that it's dead - I believe that we have made certain mistakes over the last number of years".

Deputy Doherty also says she believes Enda Kenny will continue to be leader of Fine Gael, adding that: "I would love a job on Wednesday - but that's not for me what it's about".

And she denied the party has sacrificed principles to get back into government.