WATCH: Red Panda cub gets his first health check-up

It comes as six Red Pandas were rescued from being trafficked

WATCH: Red Panda cub gets his first health check-up

Image: YouTube/Perth Zoo

A Nepalese Red Panda cub at Perth Zoo in Australia has been given his first health check.

The two-month-old Red Panda was born to nine-year-old mother, Anusha, who was also born at Perth Zoo, and six-year-old father, Makula, who was born in Canberra.

"Today our veterinarians gave our furry new arrival a quick health check of its body condition, eyes, teeth, ears and weight," Perth Zoo keeper Marty Boland said.

Nepalese Red Pandas are found across the Himalayan Mountain and foothills of India, China, Nepal and Bhutan.

Deforestation and illegal poaching continue to be significant threats to remaining populations. Less than 10,000 are thought to remain in the wild.

The cub is expected to emerge from the nest box in April.

Image: YouTube/Perth Zoo

It comes as an Australian conservation organisation helped rescue six Red Pandas being trafficked across international borders.

Marty Boland added: "We were very excited to welcome a new cub to the zoo family, however it coincides with the rescue of six Red Pandas from wildlife traffickers, emphasizing just how perilous it is out there for these animals."

The pandas were destined for the illegal wildlife trade but were taken into the care of one of Perth Zoo's conservation partners, Free the Bears, after being seized on the border of Laos and China.

However only three of the six survived their first night due to severe stress and potential exposure to disease.

"The recent rescue in Laos highlights how vital coordinated zoo breeding programs are for the survival of this endangered species. It ensures we have an insurance population in place to fight extinction."

The Perth Zoo team are also consulting with Free the Bears, providing advice on appropriate diets and how to reduce heat stress for the rescued pandas.

Including the new cub, Perth Zoo has successfully reared 19 Nepalese Red Pandas since 1997.