RTE stall plan to outsource children's programming

The channel controller also confirmed Fair City will not be outsourced

RTE stall plan to outsource children's programming

Image: RollingNews.ie

RTÉ is putting its plans to outsource the production of young people's programming on hold.

The state broadcaster and the trade union group (TUG) met today to discuss RTE’s decision to transfer of all Young People’s Programming to the independent sector.

RTE accepted that there has been a breach of the ‘Guiding Principles Agreement’ which commit to prior consultation on significant issues.

The union and management will enter into comprehensive discussions on the issue.

Discussions will conclude no later than 31st January 2017.

Adrian Lynch, channel controller for RTÉ, also confirmed that popular soap Fair City would not be outsourced, but other areas would have to be examined carefully as part of the cost-cutting measures.

Meanwhile, the chief executive of Ryanair Michael O'Leary told Newstalk that RTÉ needs to be privatised, broken up and sold.

Mr O'Leary has repeated his claims the State broadcaster is run by trade unions.

He also says the station is too focused on industrial relations disputes - and is ignoring other issues like the Syrian crisis and Donald Trump's election.