RTÉ dismisses producer after his guilty plea over child grooming charge

Kieran Creaven will be sentenced in February of next year

RTÉ dismisses producer after his guilty plea over child grooming charge

Kieran Creavan outside Leeds Crown Court. Picture by: Dave Higgens/PA Wire/PA Images

RTÉ has announced that it has dismissed sports producer Kieran Creaven with immediate effect.

The state broadcaster had previously suspended the television producer following his arrest in England last month.

In a statement today, RTÉ said: "RTÉ can confirm that, as a result of Monday’s legal proceedings in Leeds Crown Court at which Kieran Creaven pleaded guilty to charges made against him, Kieran Creaven has been dismissed from RTÉ with immediate effect."

On Monday, Mr Creaven pleaded guilty to one charge of grooming a child and another charge of inciting a child to carry out a sexual act.

Leeds Crown Court heard in both cases the child was 13, and that in both cases Mr Creaven believed the child was not over the legal age of consent in Britain - which is 16.

He has been remanded on his own bail to appear back in court in Leeds on February 12th next year, when he will be sentenced.

The court also heard that Mr Creaven is disputing one aspect of the case, in which it was alleged he wanted the person he believed to be a child to stay over in a hotel with him.

He appeared in court, after he was confronted by so-called paedophile hunters when he travelled to the UK to meet what he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

The vigilante group, called Predators Exposed, carry out stings using fake social media profiles to pose as children.

On November 20th, the 54-year-old - with an address in Dublin - was charged in Leeds Magistrates Court on two counts.