Putin sends Trump congratulatory telegram

The Russian Prime Minister said he hoped they could end a crisis in U.S.-Russian relations

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Vladimir Putin. Image: Pavel Golovkin / AP/Press Association Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent the newly-elected Donald Trump a telegram congratulating him on his win today.

Putin said he hopes they could end a crisis in U.S.-Russian relations and work together on global security and international issues.

"The president of Russia also expressed certainty that forming constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington, based on principles of equal status, mutual respect and a real consideration of each other's position, corresponds to the interests of our countries' peoples and the whole global community," the Kremlin said.

Russia became an unexpected central theme in the campaign as Mr. Trump expressed admiration for Mr. Putin and said he could work more closely with the Kremlin.

However, Mr. Trump has frequently butted heads with his Vice President-elect Mike Pence on the issue, after Mr. Pence called Putin "small" and "bullying" during a Vice Presidential debate.

"America's political system is superior to the crony, corrupt, capitalist system in Russia in every way," he said last month.

Russia also injected itself into the election by directing the hacking and leaking of emails from the Democratic National Committee, according to U.S. officials. Moscow denies the allegations.