Public excluded from Disclosures Tribunal on Monday

The media will be allowed to report on elements of the proceedings

Public excluded from Disclosures Tribunal on Monday

Justice Peter Charleton speaking on the opening day of the Disclosures Tribunal in Dublin Castle. Photo:

The public has been excluded from attending the Disclosures Tribunal on Monday. 

However, the media can attend to report on the evidence of a particular witness known as ‘Ms D.’ 

The Tribunal is investigating if senior gardaí were involved in a campaign to discredit the garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe. 

The Tribunal has heard that in 2006 a female - known only as Ms D - made a complaint against Sgt Maurice McCabe following a game of hide and seek in 1998.

The DPP decided not to prosecute the allegation because of a lack of evidence, but years later it resurfaced and was confused with a digital rape allegation. 

This allegation against Sgt Maurice McCabe was completely false and had been made because a councillor had made a copy and paste mistake. 

Ms D had never made the more serious allegation and had been keen to correct the error. 

She is due to attend the Tribunal next week and Mr Justice Peter Charleton ruled the public can not attend her evidence.

However he said bona fide members of the press could report on her evidence. 

Ms D’s  identity, and that of her family, must remain anonymous.