Public encouraged to download Driver Check App for taxis

The app covers licensed taxis, hackneys and limousines

Public encouraged to download Driver Check App for taxis

Screenshot of the Driver Check App | Image: Apple App store

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is encouraging taxi passengers to download the Driver Check App over the Christmas and new year period.

The NTA has launched an information campaign.

A spokesperson said: "With the Christmas season upon us, whether people are shopping, socialising or working, travelling by taxi is a safe, convenient and reliable option.

"But to make passengers' experience even safer, we would strongly encourage them to use our Driver Check App.

"This app allows users to verify that the vehicle that they are about to hire has been correctly registered with NTA. and that the driver is properly licenced to operate that vehicle."

The Driver Check App covers licensed taxis, hackneys and limousines.

The NTA says it is "a handy tool" that ensures safety and comfort when hiring a driver or vehicle.

There is also a facility to e-mail a friend with trip details.

"This service clearly protects passengers, but it also protects the interests of the majority of operators who are in full compliance with the SPSV licencing regulations", the NTA says.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store, or Google Play store.