Thousands sign petition to save trees in north Dublin

Campaigners say they are prepared to sit in the trees to stop the Council cutting them down

Thousands sign petition to save trees in north Dublin

Green Party rep for Clontarf Donna Cooney and Edel Leahy, who started the petition | Image: Stephanie Grogan

Updated: 18:30

More than 8,000 people have now signed a petition to save 62 trees in north Dublin.

They are due to be chopped down along Fairview Park to make way for a new cycle lane.

Campaigners say some of the trees are historic, as they were planted in 1908.

They also say wrought iron fencing and gates would also be removed.

"There is also a perfectly fine cycleway that goes through the park already in existence, it just needs to be maintained", they add.

Edel Leahy started the petition to try save the trees.

"I really didn't think it would gain as much ground as it did - so we're very, very thankful to all that have signed it.

"Not one person could understand why we would be suggesting to chop down trees that have such historical importance that still provide a beautiful amenity to the area at all times of the year."

Local councillor Nial Ring is urging his fellow councillors to stop the felling:

“If it does go to council, I believe with the strength of the objections and the petition it will be really a case in this case of the pen being mightier than the sword.

“The sword in this case being a chainsaw used to cut down trees.”

Cycling campaigner Donna Cooney says cyclists do not want this. And she is prepared go to extreme lengths to stop it.

"If I have to sit in a tree, I'll sit in a tree.

"I mean sometimes you just have to just say 'enough is enough'.

"You cannot replace trees that are 109-years-old".

For its part, Dublin City Council say the trees are extremely close to the edge of the path and many are struggling for light.

It says new trees will be planted in their place.