Has Brexit put people off their botox?

Popularity of cosmetic surgery nosedives in UK...

Has Brexit put people off their botox?

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The number of cosmetic operations being carried out in Britain dropped by 39.9% last year, sagging to a near 10-year low.

Industry figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) show that fewer than 31,000 people across the Irish Sea indulged in face lifts, tummy tucks and other procedures last year. That is down from over 51,000 surgeries in 2015.

Some 30,750 procedures were carried out on British men and women; 28,341 procedures on women (down 39.1%) and 2,409 on men (a fall of 47.8%).

The figure for 2016 was 5% slimmer than 2007, marking an end to nearly a decade of relatively consistent growth in the industry. 

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BAAPS president Dr Rajiv Glover believes dramatic world events last year contributed to stopping people going under the knife:

"What we think is behind this is possibly a lot of economic and political uncertainty.

"So with that sort of news, people do tend to think very carefully before investing in something that would be a permanent change in terms of their appearance."

Speaking to The Guardian, Self-Esteem Team co-founder and former model Natasha Devon put it down to people having more realistic role models thanks to social media:

"Now, the models who get booked are the ones with the largest Instagram following.

"Increasingly, these are people who represent a broader range of shapes, sizes, ages and races. In turn, this representation of diversity has, I believe, contributed to people feeling more comfortable in their own skin.”