Pope Francis criticises those obsessed with phones

The pontiff made the comments at a university in Rome

Pope Francis criticises those obsessed with phones

Pope Francis celebrates an epiphany mass in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican | Image: Andrew Medichini AP/Press Association Images

Pope Francis has been active on social media and has a team working in the Vatican to ensure the church keeps up the new technologies. The Pope has, however, criticised people who are too engaged with their phones. 

Speaking at a university in Rome, the pontiff commented that the lack of conversation between people and nations can lead to "war".

“When there’s no dialogue at home, when we’re at the table and instead of talking everyone is on their phone … it’s the start of war, because there is no dialogue."

In the 45-minute address, Pope Francis chastised politicians for failing to listen to each other, saying a lack of dialogue could lead to misunderstandings and the outbreak of conflict. “In the newspapers, we see this one insulting that one, that one says this about the other one,” he said. 

While he did not name any particular politician, it's thought his comments were aimed at US President Donald Trump. He criticised televised political debates “where even before one (candidate) finishes talking, he is interrupted. Where there is no dialogue, there is violence. Wars start in your heart.”