Pop star sang for almost an hour after a snake bite before dying

The singer normally performs with snakes but this serpent had not been defanged

A pop star in Indonesia continued performing for 45 minutes after being bitten by a cobra, before collapsing in front of fans.

Irma Blue is renowned for including snakes in her acts but the one she used on Sunday, had not been been defanged prior to the concert. It is believed that she stood on its tail during one of her songs causing the snake to snap at her.

Her body jerked and she temporarily paused the concert in order to receive attention from a snake handler on stage.

An eye witness says she refused treatment at the time and resumed singing before she started vomiting and collapsed. She later died in hospital.

Irma Blue was attacked by a King cobra which is the world's longest venomous snake that can reach a length of up to five metres.