Politician hits out at racist leaflets distributed in Belfast

The leaflets feature the caption 'Britain Vs Jihad'

Politician hits out at racist leaflets distributed in Belfast

Image: Facebook/Emma Little-Pengelly

A South Belfast MLA has condemned racist leaflets which have been circulated in her constituency.

DUP member Emma Little-Pengelly says the leaflets have been distributed by 'Generation Sparta' - "an anonymous and unknown group".

The leaflets appear to show a soldier bowing his head with a poppy in the corner of the picture.

This is surrounded by the caption: Britain Vs Jihad: What future for our children?".

Image: Facebook/Emma Little-Pengelly

She says: "It is dangerous and wrong to attempt to conflate an entire religion or race with the wrongful and vile acts of terrorists, who are masquerading under the cover of religion.

"Those terrorists do not represent the religion or the community."

"I add my voice to, and welcome, the wide condemnation of the leaflet distributed by "Generation Sparta", an anonymous and unknown group, which is attempting to do just that.

"This group does not represent the people of the local area."

"The Islamic community in Northern Ireland work to help and support all in Northern Ireland - many are doctors and consultants, medical professionals, teachers, students, researchers- all playing a full and positive role in the heart of our communities."

She adds: "Over the last while we have seen horrible examples of attacking whole religions and races - anti-Semitism, Islamiphobia, it is all the same toxic and dangerous approach.

"This isn't what British or Irish values are.

"These are not the values of our community. We must all stand united against hate."

The leaflet also makes reference to the death of British solider Lee Rigby, who was murdered in a machete attack in southeast London back in 2013.

Mrs Little-Pengelly says this "totally disregards the express wishes of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby's family that his death should not be used to stir up hate or for revenge.

"We oppose and condemn this leaflet. The response to this leaflet has been one of united condemnation. That is the true reflection of the people of Northern Ireland."