Police threat stops Geert Wilders campaign

The anti-Islamic politician has been under state protection for over 10-years

Police threat stops Geert Wilders campaign

Peter Dejong AP/Press Association Images

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Netherland's rising populist anti-migrant right, has suspended public campaigning ahead of March 15th's election.

Local media reports that a series of leaks from his police security team to a "Dutch-Moroccan criminal gang" have been discovered, resulting in a series of arrests.

Mr Wilders has repeatedly called Morrocan migrants "scum" - his far-right campaign has also promised to close all Dutch mosques.

One of the arrested police was of Moroccan origin.

The Dutchman was previously temporarily banned from the UK following anti-Islamic comments and has been under 24-hour state protection for over a decade.

"Very alarming news. The PVV (Party for Freedom) is suspending its public activities until all facts in connection with the corruption investigation are known," he tweeted.

A later tweet from the controversial politician revealed that these arrests relate to members of his closest security team which had access to his safe house.

The party is leading in Dutch opinion polls but is expected to struggle to attract coalition partners, with mainstream parties likely to take control.

It is promising to ban Muslin migrants, close Islamic schools, and ban the Quran.