"Pokemon Go to the polls!" - Clinton to hold rally at Pokestop

The event is set to take place in Ohio this weekend

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Image: Tony Dejak / AP/Press Association Images

Last week, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made what appeared to be a topical (albeit poorly conceived joke) about a very popular app.

In case you didn't know, Pokemon Go is absolutely massive around the world, and Clinton wasn't about to let an opportunity like that go by without wanting to appear to be down the kids.

At the rally, Clinton said: "I don't know who created Pokemon Go, but I'm trying to figure out how to get them to have 'Pokemon Go to the Polls'."

Now, on her official website, an upcoming event has been scheduled at a Pokestop: "Join us as we go to the Pokestop in Madison Park and put up a lure module, get free pokemon, & battle each other while you register voters and learn more about Sec. Hillary Clinton!!! Kids welcome!"

In response, Donald Trump posted a mock-up game on his Facebook page, titled "Crooked Hillary No", in which players must attempt to capture his rival.