Pokemon Go is about to become more popular than Twitter - it's already passed Tinder

This instant classic may have just saved Nintendo's future...

Pokemon Go is about to become more popular than Twitter - it's already passed Tinder

Shizuo Kambayashi / AP

Investors are falling over themselves this morning to invest in Nintendo, the Japanese video game firm that has scored a smash hit with Pokemon Go - an augmented reality version of the popular game series which has proved a favourite for multiple generations of gamers.

The latest data from Similar Web shows that the game has been installed on almost 5% of Android devices, compared to social dating app Tinder's 2%.

As of Friday, 3% of Android users in the US were playing the game closing in on Twitter's 3.5% of users who use Twitter everyday, according to the site.

The game has added $7.5bn to the market valuation of the firm. There was a 25% hike in its share price overnight- on top of a 10% jump on Friday. This is the strongest two days of growth registered by a company in Japan since 1983.

Pokemon Go has users hooked and is eating into the all-important screen-time of leading social media apps.

The game allows gamers to use their smartphone cameras to 'catch' and battle real world Pokemon. The game is free, but contains in-app purchases.

While the game is only officially available in the US, Australia, and New Zealand - users around the world have been coming up with ways to access the app.

Markets are not just reacting to the success of the Pokemon title, investors are also betting on the company's future mobile offerings.

Nintendo lost pace with Microsoft and Sony in the latter generations of the 'console wars' - but it now has a chance to become a lucrative player in the mobile gaming industry. 

It controls some of the world's most popular video franchises including the Mario universe.

A mobile version of Zelda - another fan-favourite - is also in the works.