Passenger removed from Aer Lingus flight over 'abusive behaviour towards Muslims'

Khalid Wafiq Kamel posted the experience on his Facebook page

Passenger removed from Aer Lingus flight over 'abusive behaviour towards Muslims'

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A disruptive passenger was reportedly removed from an Aer Lingus flight after showing abusive behaviour towards two other Muslim passengers.

Khalid Wafiq Kamel was on a flight from Dublin to Berlin on Sunday October 23rd, and posted about the experience on his Facebook page.

He says: "Before taking off, a passenger showed an abusive behaviour against two other Muslim passengers. The crew reacted promptly to stop him, and the offending passenger was removed from the flight."

He added: "I would like to send a special Thank You to Captain O'Shea and the rest of the crew for making my day.

"As a Muslim, I felt safe and respected being in Ireland and on Aer Lingus. As one of the crew said 'We are all equal'. Thank you Aer Lingus".

Khalid Wafiq Kamel onbaord the flight | Image: Facebook

The airline also commented on the incident.

In reply to the post, Aer Lingus said: "We're so sorry to hear that this took place but we're glad that the crew handled the situation well."

This prompted several replies in praise of the airline's decision.

Darren Willis wrote: "Once again the professionalism shines through", while Karin Alex Roche said: "Lovely. The world needs more of this."

"Fantastic to read this..everyone should be treated equal and obnoxious people (whatever be their reason) should be shown their place. Kudos to Aer Lingus", Rohit Sen added.

While Carmel Finnan said: "Aer Lingus - you have a public RESPONSIBILITY to protect all passengers on every plane. You are doing a good job, but remember it's your job to do so."

One user, Djamé Seddah, even commented: "God, I miss Ireland so much...".