Parents in Germany told to destroy spying doll

Hackers could talk and listen to children playing with 'My Friend Cayla' doll

Parents in Germany have been warned about 'My Friend Cayla', a connected doll that could engage with children. The warning comes after it was found that hackers could use the doll to spy on children. 

'My Friend Cayla' is equipped with a Bluetooth device that is insecure, meaning hackers could access the doll and steal personal information, as well as listen and talk to the child using it. 

Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the regulatory office for electricity, gas, telecommunications, post and railway markets, has now warned parents to destroy it. A spokesman for the agency told Süddeutsche Zeitung that 'My Friend Cayla' was a "concealed transmitting device", which is illegal in Germany. 

At its most innocent, the doll can interact with the child and answer questions. The doll requires a certain level of personal information to function.