Over 7,000 Irish people to go to Canada for work

The Canadian Working Holiday programme opened a week ago for those seeking to start a new life there

New figures show over 7,000 Irish people are expected to go to Canada this year.

Ireland is ranked the 11th highest country in the world for Canadian work permits, as an increasing number of Irish people are looking for Canadian residency.

However, the data from Visa First also reveals that the number of people applying for temporary visas is falling.

Visa First say that Canadian employers are very much in favour of candidates from the Irish workforce, with many offering packages to entice people to relocate to Canada.

“The Irish have a good reputation abroad – they are seen to have a strong skill-set and a great work ethos," manager of Visa First Edwina Shanahan said. "Canada and Australia are both vying for popularity amongst those looking to travel – with the latter recently increasing the age threshold to 35 for their working holiday programme to match that already in existence in Canada."

Last year, the number of people emigrating last year fell from 80,900 to 76,200, according to the Central Statistics Office.

The majority of those emigrating were either at work or a student in the period prior to departing with one in ten (10.4%) being unemployed. The number of Irish emigrants returning to live in the Republic of Ireland also rose this year to 74%.