British prison secured following 12-hour riot

Prisoners say a riot broke out Friday after they were not allowed to watch TV or go to the gym

British prison secured following 12-hour riot

Image: Joe Giddens PA Wire/PA Images

All four wings have been secured at a prison in the UK - 12 hours after the start of a riot.

Specialist riot squads were deployed to the prison to tackle the disorder at HMP Birmingham.

At least three prisoners have been wounded, including one "badly injured", and inmates have set fires at the jail in Winson Green.

The trouble reportedly started when prisoners broke lights and got hold of fire hoses.

Then one officer was threatened with a used syringe by an inmate before another took his keys, it was reported.

Inmates were believed to have taken control of wings L, M, N and P - all of which have now been secured.

Pictures have emerged apparently showing some of them wearing prison officers' equipment, including helmets.

"Terrified" prisoners in another wing expressed concern that rioters were trying to force their way into that section.  

Specialist 'Tornado' prison teams worked with police riot officers to regain control of the 1,450 capacity jail.

Some inmates have reportedly claimed the riot began because they were unable to watch TV or go to the gym, while others complained about a lack of hot water in the showers.