Two people are killed in German chemical plant explosion

Several others have been injured or are missing

Two people are killed in German chemical plant explosion

Image: YouTube/Manuela wanninger

Two people have died after a chemical plant explosion in Germany.

A fire broke out at the BASF plant in the town of Ludwigshafen.

Six people suffered serious injuries, while several others received minor injuries.

The injured were treated directly at the site or at local hospitals. But BASF say two other people are still missing.

In a statement Uwe Liebelt, BASF site manager, says: "We are deeply saddened that employees have died and several have been injured. Our deepest sympathy lies with the affected people and their families".

The company say that the explosion happened during work on a pipeline.

It also says that measurements taken in the air and on the ground do not show any increased levels of toxic substances.

"As the raw material supply has been interrupted, the steamcrackers and other plants were shut down at the site", it adds.

Huge clouds of smoke were seen rising from the site earlier.

Residents in the areas of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim were asked to stay indoors and close doors and windows.

BASF say the exact cause of the incident is being investigated, and authorities have been informed.