Oktoberfest opens to massive security operation

Backpacks and large bags have been banned

The world's biggest beer festival has been enclosed for the first time in its history amid fears of a terror attack.

Backpacks and large bags have been banned at Munich's Oktoberfest - which has opened with long queues.

Germany is on heightened alert after three attacks in Bavaria in July.

This year marks the 183rd Oktoberfest. Speaking about the new measures Mayor Josef Schmid said: “I’m glad everybody involved could reach consent about a conclusive safety concept for the Oktoberfest. The adapted safety concept adequately reacts to recent events without changing the basic character of the Oktoberfest."

"The necessary luggage checks can only be enforced without uncontrolled access to the fairground, which alone is reason enough to close the side at the slope at the Theresienhöhe. This will be achieved by a mobile fence, which can be removed in less than a minute. That way, opening a quick escape route is still possible.”

The festival runs until the 3rd of October.