Norway's prime minister caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament

Erna Solberg isn't the first Norwegian politician to be spotted playing the app during official business

Norway's prime minister caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament

Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway. Image: Seth Wenig / AP/Press Association Images

Pokemon Go may no longer be quite the phenomenon it was when it launched during the summer, but there's still plenty of people playing the mobile hit.

There's at least one high profile player, too: Norway's prime minister Erna Solberg.

Photographs showed Mrs Solberg playing the game in the Norwegian parliament on Tuesday (eagle-eyed fans of the game will spot what appears to be the 'no GPS signal' bar at the top of the screen too):

The Conservative leader has previously been noted as a fan of the monster catching app, with a report in The Local back in August suggesting she took a break to play during an official trip to Bratislava.

You have to take every opportunity to hatch those 10km eggs, after all.

Prime Minister Solberg, however, is not the only Norwegian politician to have been caught playing the game.

As The Guardian notes, Norway’s Liberal party leader Trine Skei Grande was spotted playing the game during a national security meeting in August - and, appropriately, it was Grande here speaking in parliament when Mrs Solberg was spied with the app open.

Mrs Grande didn't seem to take any offence, however, noting on Twitter that it was likely the PM could play and listen at the same time.