Nobody showed up to the 'Anti-Beyonce' rally today

The singer was the target for online hate following the release of the 'Formation' video

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Beyoncé (left), Chris Martin and Bruno Mars | Image: Facebook/Coldplay

#BoycottBeyonce was set to go ahead today at the National Football League headquarters in New York City at 8 AM local time.

The event was set to place at the same time as the tickets for the artist's "Formation" world tour were set to go on sale, and were in reaction to the political messages to be found within the video to the title song, as well as the singer's Superbowl performance.

The video has been lambasted with accusations of being anti-police, while the live performance is said to contain pro-Black Panther imagery.

An anonymous individual organised the Anti-Beyonce rally - even going so far as to create an Eventbrite page for it, which you can see here - claiming "We encourage anyone and everyone who supports the police to show up and march around the block of the NFL headquarters on this day. Be absolutely peace & non-aggressive."

However, nobody in support of the rally showed up:

Instead, a number of people did arrive in the form of a counter-protest, with the organizers telling everyone to "Get In Formation".