New software assesses the probability of your relationship failing

DataRobot analysed thousands of couples and boiled the results down to six questions

Technology is being used and implemented in all walks of life. A company called DataRobot has used artificial intelligence technology to assess the probability of a relationship's success. 

Before you scoff and assume it's nothing more than an internet quiz, take a moment to appreciate the level of research that has gone into it. 

The quiz is based on a Stanford University study of 4,000 Americans entitled "How Couples Meet and Stay Together". The initial survey was conducted in 2009, with a follow-up survey taking place a few years later to see how many of the couples were still together. All of this information was then made public. 

DataRobot works to predict outcomes, based on predictive modelling. Using the information from the Stanford study, they built a site that could predict the outcomes of relationships. 


Director of DataRobot Labs, Greg Michaelson explained how the software found 150 variables in the data that indicated if a couple was more likely to stay together. 

The DataRobot survey consists of six questions that take no more than 3 minutes to answer. Michaelson says the questions are non-intrusive. 

"We wanted to stay away from anything too personal and sensitive."

The questions are as follows:

  • What is your relationship status?
  • How many years have you and your partner been together?
  • How old are you? / 
  • How old is your partner?
  • What is the highest level of education completed?
  • How many children between the ages of 2 and 5 live with you?
  • On average, how many different relatives do you see each month?

Answering these questions produces a graph that illustrates the likelihood of your relationship succeeding. You can take the quiz here

This is just one side project of the company, whose day to day workings involve predicting business outcomes.