New opinion poll shows 'surge in optimism' in Ireland

More than three quarters of respondents said they had a 'positive' view of living in Ireland in 2017

New opinion poll shows 'surge in optimism' in Ireland


A new poll has shown a 'surge' in the optimism of Irish people.

The Sunday Independent / Kantar Millward Brown poll asked 972 people a variety of questions about life in Ireland.

77% of respondents said their current mood living in Ireland was positive - up 32 points on a similar poll in 2012.

38% of people said they believe the economic situation will improve over the next year, compared to only 19% suggesting it will get worse. 37% believe the situation will stay the same.

36% of respondents, meanwhile, think they will be better off this time next year, with 15% reckoning they will be worse off.

While 40% of respondents said that banks are not doing enough to help potential buyers get mortgages, 45% believe that now is a good time to buy a house.

There was some considerable caution about the future of the housing market, with 38% telling pollsters that they believe the housing market is destined to collapse again in the future.

The results also illustrate a divide between higher and lower earners.

Analysing the results in today's, Dan O'Brien suggests: "With the poorest social class feeling a little left behind, the deepening class cleavage that has emerged over the past decade does not appear to be about to reverse".

Meanwhile, a separate poll Red C opinion poll for the Sunday Business Post shows very little change in the support for political parties - although Fianna Fáil (28%) has extended its lead over Fine Gael (24%).