New medical organisation chief seeks more funding for hospitals and GP’s

“There needs to be proper resourcing of General Practice”

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File photo of a doctor checking a patient's blood pressure | Image: Anthony Devlin / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The new president of the Irish Medical Organisation says Doctors need funding if they are to provide new health services as planned.

John Duddy says the next Government needs to put a long term plan in place to provide basic resources so that GP’s and medics can implement new policies, like free GP visits for the under sixes.

The neurosurgeon at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin will make his first address to the organisation later today.

Dr Duddy says the next Minister for Health needs to back up plans with financing: “It's not something that's going to be solved over night. We'll be looking at things like increasing the funding to hospitals and increasing the capacities in hospitals to address the overcrowding crisis there.

“There needs t be proper resourcing of General Practice so that GP's can provide all the additional services that the government is asking them to do,” Dr Duddy said.