WATCH: New 'elastic metal' water bottle hopes to replace plastic ones

The Keego is being crowdfunded online

WATCH: New 'elastic metal' water bottle hopes to replace plastic ones

The Keego bottle | Image:

A start-up company based across Switzerland, Austria and Denmark is hoping to revolutionise the water bottle - by making it out of elastic metal.

The Keego is made of 99.8% titanium, which the company says makes sure the drink in it is not affected.

"The titanium prevents the liquid from being contaminated by plasticisers and softeners, keeping your drink pure and healthy", it says.

It is a durable, re-useable bottle - which project owner, Lukas Angst, says is as light as a plastic one - weighing only 140g.


For sports goers, the bottle fits into the bottle cage "of every bicycle" because of its ergonomic shape.

"While the squeezability of the bottle is based upon an innovative use of material, the functionality of this material stands and falls with a compatible shape."

The Danish company mastering the elastic titanium has also produced accelerator parts for CERN and other accelerators around the world.

Angst and his team are looking for backers through a crowdfunding website.


The bottle is being marketed at US$59 (€50), plus shipping with an estimated delivery in September this year.

It comes as the European Commission is looking to reduce the impact of plastic water bottles.

In January, it found among the most common single-use plastics items in beach litter are drinks bottles and their caps/lids.

Others are cigarette butts, cotton bud sticks, sanitary towels, bags, crisps packets and sweets wrappers, straws and stirrers, balloons and balloon sticks, food containers, cups and cup lids, and cutlery.

According to recent scientific data, single-use plastics represent half of all marine litter.

It has been forecast that by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans, by weight.

While Transparency Market Research (TMR) estimates that the reusable water bottle market is expected to rise to US$10.19bn (€8.65bn) by 2024.

The reusable water bottle market was worth about US$7.04bn (€5.97bn) back in 2015.