New documentary to tell "definitive story" of Harvey Weinstein

The film will examine Weinstein's rise and fall from grace

New documentary to tell "definitive story" of Harvey Weinstein

File photo of Harvey Weinstein arriving at the opening night of Boeing-Boeing at the Longacre Theatre in New York | Image: Henry McGee/Zuma Press/PA Images

A special feature-length documentary has been commissioned which will focus on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

More than 50 women have accused the 65-year-old of sexual harassment or assault over the past three decades.

The BBC says Weinstein will bring "fresh insights and revelations to the epic story of Weinstein’s rise and fall" - as well as revealing one of the most far-reaching scandals in Hollywood history.

The 90-minute film will be directed by Ursula Macfarlane and produced by Lightbox.

The film will use the Weinstein scandal as a prism to to explore the history of Hollywood and delve into the mix of money, power, exploitation and abuse.

The BBC says it will also chart Weinstein’s "extraordinary rise to power and prominence".

It will examine his first steps in Hollywood in the 1970s and illuminate Hollywood's "deep-rooted sexism, revealing how the powerful have been able to construct a complex web of defences to shield themselves and behave with impunity."

The documentary will include interviews with sources, including the many actresses who have told their stories, together with journalists, producers, directors, actors, agents and lawyers.

Patrick Holland, controller of BBC Two, says: "The breaking of silence over Harvey Weinstein is a watershed moment for the creative industries and for wider society.
"Ursula is a brilliant filmmaker and is perfectly placed to make the definitive documentary, piecing together the story of just how he abused his power and position."

No air date has yet been set.

Police in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and London have said they are investigating allegations against the film producer.

Weinstein has strongly denied having non-consensual sex with anyone.