Netflix users can now bring content offline on Windows 10 devices

The feature arrived to iOS and Android users last November

Both iOS and Android users welcomed the arrival of offline viewing with open arms when it arrived last November. This week, the streaming giant has announced it is bringing the same feature to Windows 10, but not Windows 10 mobile devices.

Users with the updated Windows 10 application will find a selection of movies and shows to download onto their PC or tablet computer. Once downloaded, the content will be available to watch regardless of internet connectivity. 

“The Netflix app will support the downloading feature on Windows 10 laptops and tablets. We are constantly exploring new ways to make this feature available to more members and make it easier for more people to enjoy Netflix on the go," said a spokesperson for the company. 


The selection of movies and films available for download is limited to a number of titles due to issues with rights. That being said, there is still a healthy selection to choose from, with Netflix Originals and selected licensed content.

Programmes such as House of Cards, Designated Survivor and Orange Is the New Black, as well as comedy specials are all available to view offline.  

The feature is now available to users worldwide.