Names for 2017 storm systems are revealed

Once again, the names were opened to a public vote

Names for 2017 storm systems are revealed

Sea kayakers take a closer look at the massive waves created by Storm Frank in January 2016 | Image:

Met Éireann and the British Met Office have released the names to be given to storms for the coming year.

It is building on success of the first season of the scheme, which ran last year between the two weather forecasters.

The public have again suggested names for wind storms with the potential to cause substantial impacts.

The offices say the project was largely welcomed with enthusiasm, and thousands of names were suggested.

Over the course of the 2015/16 season, 11 storms were named.

2017 will see systems named as follows:

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Gerald Fleming, head of forecasting at Met Éireann, said: "The pilot project last winter helped Met Éireann to prepare Irish citizens for the impact of what was a very active Atlantic storm season.

"There was an immediate acceptance of the storm names through all media, and the severe weather messages were more clearly communicated.

"This was especially so during a very stormy period over Christmas and the New Year when a number of storms passed in quick succession.

"The naming helped us to clearly distinguish between them, and delineate their likely impacts".

This next phase of the pilot project runs for a full year from October 1st 2016, and will be adapted to address some of the challenges encountered in the first season.

One of these is to include more than one weather type - specifically rain.

So in future 'storm systems' would be named on the basis of impacts from wind, but could also include the impacts of rain and snow.