'Naked Restaurant' to open in London soon - A quick trip through other eatery fads

Just don't order the soup...

A new restaurant is opening in London this June that will allow diners to eat in the nip.

Yep, 'The Bunyadi' will allow their customers to strip right down to their birthday suit and enjoy the the food au naturel, while the surrounding wait-staff will also bare all as they take your order.

If you're thinking to yourself "Who would want to go somewhere and pay to eat food while naked?", well there is already a waiting list of over 15,000 who want to do just that.

Food in the nude isn't the first restaurant fad in recent times, though. As more and more restaurants are juggling for the finite amount of attention that can be given to them by potential consumers, extra work must be put into getting that attention in new and unique ways.


This is the one everyone has probably already heard of, with the idea being that "Dining In The Dark" will null out your vision, and cause your brain to increase the power of your other sense, which obviously includes taste. The idea kicked off in Canada in 2006, and has proven to the seriously popular, with Dark Dining restaurants and special event nights popping up all over the world ever since then.


In place of Cereal, you could say Porridge, or Crisp Sandwich, or Toasted Cheese. There have been a number of pop-up cornerstone sensations in recent times, but the Cereal Killer Cafe in London has got to be one of the better known. 


Molecular gastronomy became a HUGE thing at the start of this decade, and has begun to pave the way for restaurants and their chefs to start using more and more cutting edge technology in their dining experiences. Some restaurants have begun to replace waiters entirely with "e-tables" that you can place your order on, with an automated system then bringing the food out to you.


Okay, so not every idea is a good one...