Must have tech-tools for your desk

We're spending more and more time at our desks, so take some time to dress it with affordable tech tools

Many of us spend much of our days sitting at a desk, working away. Some of us are more organised than others but it's possible for anyone to use insert a bit of calm into their workspace with these affordable tech tools. They may seem small, but they make all the difference. 

First up: we have cable holders. A pack of 6 cost me €3 from Tiger and are a must have for anyone that works from a laptop or who has headphone cables dangling from their machine. This simple piece of plastic sticks to a desk and allows the user to feed the cable through. These means there's no more tripping over charger leads or getting tangled. 

 Next up (and don't laugh) is this:

This little guy cost around €5 on ebay. This allows users to place their phone onto the trunk and ensures a phone never goes walkies. 


A desk charger is essential to ensure your phone lasts the entire day. There are many options out there for this type of product. I have an iDapt i4 charging dock and it makes my desk a popular one with my co-workers. This enables me to charge four devices at any one time.

What are your must-haves on your desk?