Murder trial hears of alleged threats against accused man's family

The prosecution has claimed the killing was linked to an alleged Motorcycle club turf war

A Limerick murder trial has heard some men called to the accused man’s home the day before the killing and threatened to burn down his house.

Alan McNamara from Mount Fune in Murroe, Co. Limerick denies murdering a member of a rival motorcycle club in June 2015.

Shotguns, iron bars, batons, a knife, pepper spray and a knuckle duster were found when Gardaí searched the Road Tramps clubhouse.

Some of those items were found in a car and caravan that were parked outside.

They were searched as part of the investigation into the murder of Andrew O’Donoghue who was shot dead inside the gates of the clubhouse on June 20th 2015.

Alan McNamara, a member of rival club the Caballeros, is on trial for his murder. The court heard he was stripped of his biker jacket by some of the Road Tramps the day before.

He claims he was later threatened in front of his wife and children by three men who arrived outside his house.

He claims they were waving a gun around and threatening to burn his house down.

It the prosecution’s case that Mr. O’Donoghue was murdered in retaliation for the events of that day.

Mr McNamara denies the charge.