Murder trial hears of accused's statements to gardaí

30-year-old Richard Dekker denies killing 17-year-old Daniel McAnaspie in February 2010

Murder trial hears of accused's statements to gardaí

Pictured is Daniel McAnaspie

The jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering Daniel McAnaspie has been hearing about statements he made to gardaí while the teenager was still missing.

Mr McAnaspie was 17-years-old and in the care of the HSE when he went missing from the Blanchardstown area of Dublin in February 2010.

The accused, 30-year-old Richard Dekker told gardaí he had spent the early hours of Feb 26th 2010 drinking with Mr McAnaspie and four others outside his house in Dublin 15.

Mr McAnaspie was reported missing that day and Detective Sergeant Daniel Callaghan called to Mr. Dekker’s home one week later.

He told Sergeant Callaghan, Mr McAnaspie had been “mouthing off” about people he'd been fighting with in Finglas and said another man who was drinking with them that night had punched him in the face when he realised one of the people he had been talking about was a relative of his.

He said the others left sometime later - but Mr McAnaspie stayed with him and the other man for some reason.

He said he went home when he finished his beer and watched Mr McAnaspie walking out of the estate. He said he hadn’t seen him since.

Mr McAnaspie’s remains were found on a farm in Co. Meath three months later.

Mr Dekker denies his murder.