More battery woes for iPhone owners

This may be why your iPhone battery has been draining so fast

It's not been a great year on the battery life front. Both Samsung and Apple have had serious issues that have caused serious disruption for their customers. It would appear that there's yet another issue raising its head for Apple customers. 

A number of iPhone owners have taken to the internet to complain about the iOS update, 10.1.1. A thread on the Apple support forum is currently jam-packed with users complaining about the upgrade, saying that their devices are powering off when the battery falls a certain percentage. 

The post, which started the forum, explained how the phone powered off despite having 30% charge. Many others have since replied to echo those sentiments. 

Twitter has been alight with complaints from iPhone owners. 

Just last week Apple announced it would replace malfunctioning iPhone 6S batteries free of charge for certain iPhone 6S owners.