Molly Martens Corbett breaks down during murder trial

The court heard that Jason Corbett was lonely in the US and wanted to return home to Ireland

Molly Martens Corbett breaks down during murder trial

Molly Martens Corbett

Molly Martens Corbett has broken down in tears in court as her trial for the murder of her husband Jason continues.

Jason Corbett's sister Tracy Lynch took to the stand in North Carolina yesterday and told the jury that the Limerick man was lonely and homesick in the US.

She said he had hoped to move home to Ireland before his son started secondary school.

The court also heard that the named beneficiary on an insurance policy held by Mr Corbett was changed shortly before his death.

Journalist Catherine Fegan, chief correspondent with the Irish Daily Mail is in North Carolina covering the trial.

She said the jury also heard from a colleague of Jason's who meet Mrs Martens Corbett at his workplace two days after his death:

"She said that she observed closely her physical appearance," said Ms Fegan.

"Molly Martens was wearing a bow-necked top and a lot of her neck area was exposed.

"She said she didn't see any marks whatsoever on her neck or around that area.

"There were no bruises, no scrapes or any scratches."

Both Mrs Martens Corbett and her father Thomas Martens deny a charge of second degree murder.

They claim Mr Corbett attacked and threatened to kill Mrs Martens Corbett - and they acted in self defence.

Tracy Lynch testimony

After taking the stand, Mrs Lynch spoke about Mr Corbett's first wife Mags - who died following an asthma attack in 2004.

"She said that her brother had been in the house with Mags on the night in question," she said.

"She had had an asthma attack, that he had called the emergency services, that he had frantically put her in the car to meet the ambulance on the way and he had tried to administer CPR - but unfortunately she died on the way to hospital. "

The evidence prompted Mrs Martens Corbett to shake and sob uncontrollably.

Later the trial heard that blood spatters on the clothing of both defendants indicate they were nearby to Mr Corbett as he took a blow to the head while on the floor.

The trial is continuing.